Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thoughts in a Field of Green

I have been in the state of Georgia for 45 days. A couple of nights ago I took a walk with a cup of coffee and my journal in hand. I ended up in a field and just jotted down some thoughts.

There is a beauty in silence
We all too often miss
Consumed by social expectation
Based on rumor and habit sensation

I dare you to walk out in the rain
I dare you to see the world with blood rushing to your head
I dare you to listen
I dare you to uncover your youthful mentality

Bystanders, move
Selfish motives, obliterate
Child-like wonder, embrace

Too young to be shattered beyond repair
Too old to let yourself go
Forget what you've been told
Embark on an exploration
In search of purpose

Be wary, your ambitious mind can deceive you
Peer through the eyes of your designer
Interpreting the blueprints as they were intended

I dare you to get real

1 comment:

  1. you're really good.
    hope Georgia is treating you well :)